Repurchase MLM plan is design for get more and more sales through existing customers of any business. It is really worth when you have routine use products of herbal products for sale through network marketing. We develop repurchase MLM plan software on base of PV BV model. It is working with PV BV MLM plan model. This plan is based upon profit sharing with repurchase of product or services though compensation. It helps to get higher sales and attract retention of customers through provide them a good income from repurchase of products. We recommended this plan to that companies who are involving in product selling with chain marketing.

Repurchase MLM software is built with countless features and benefits. This plan has immense earning potential for all members who are regular working in MLM network marketing. Your attractive profit sharing of repurchase can boost your products sales through repurchase commission. Members and distributors of MLM plan are always ready to fulfill their wallet through attractive repurchase commission. Our expert technical of MLM software help to design repurchase or generation MLM software on PV BV model. PV BV based repurchase mlm software is easy to execute, explain and manage for any business. Its technical features help to run your business in smooth way.

At PHOENIX WEB DEVELOPER we successfully implement numerous MLM software projects so don't hesitate to ask us any question for develop repurchase MLM software. Just drop us an inquiry and get best price for Generation plan mlm software in SURAT, India. Here we describe all major features that can handle repurchase mlm software just have a look and select useful features that can boost your MLM business with latest featured and advance technology software. It can be set in generation plan MLM with ecommerce integration for repurchase of products with PV BV Calculation.

Features of Re-Purchase MLM Software
Responsive Shop cart Website
Responsive Product based shopcart web for Re purchase
Company profile and about us
Company vision, mission, team and core value
Generation Business plan (Generation gap Commission Details)
how to work generation gap and rank
Product Catalogue, Price, technical information and Details
Online New joining form
Distributor Login
Vendor Stock Point Login
franchises and Vendor Registration
Achiever Photo And Achievement details
Download PDF, PPT, Video
Latest Company news, announcements and events details
Blog Details
Contact Details with Google map
Customer, Vendor, Franchises and user Feedback Form
Online Payment option (Multi payment bank wire, MasterCard and Paypal)
Distributor, dealer testimonial
Team Leader Panel Features
Modern Dashboard
Team Leader Details with Image
Total Counting of Direct Sponsor, Down line Team, Own team
Current Week total Turnover and Commission
Month wise total tree team, sales target and earning
Total Business value, Point value and point summary
Latest teamleader business news and notification
Current month my sales
Profile Setup
Modify my profile with personal Information
mange KYC Document (bank and Legal Document)
Update Banking System Information
Change and Update Password
My Joining Welcome Letter
My Registration Receipt
All Repurchase/Buy product Invoice and receipt
Support and ticket feedback System
View terms and Condition
Generation Downline Tree Structure
Generation level wise Tree with Details
All Direct Sponsor
All Down line tree details with level threshold
Generation distributor gap genealogy
Up line and Down line member Details
advanced level grid system tree
e PIN Management
Manage E-pin for new registration and repurchase or buy product
Pin transfer to Other team leader/vendor or channel partner
Generate E-Pin Details
Share E-pin to other team or sales person leader
Referral link Sharing with Coupon, Referral Code
Epin summary (who used, when used, When Transfer)
total Stock Epin (For New joining and Buy product cycle)
Repurchase (Buy Cycle Product) System
Manage Repurchase Product
Repurchase Growth level repurchase total sales
Product purchase ledger summary (time period)
total sales turnover with commission summary
View all Franchises/Vendor contact Details
Repurchase growth Commission and Level achievements
Repurchase Level Point system
Rank Advancement and Threshold Level
Award and reward achievement with qualified level
Virtual Wallet System
Manage Virtual Wallet account
Create and Generate Payout request
Pay Commission summary
paid Commission summary with account details
Unpaid Commission Summary
Direct, Growth Level, Rank Achievement and Leadership bonus income ledger
Account summary (Credit, Debit and Balance)
Account transaction history record
Fund transfer leader to leader
Generate Voucher or shopping by wallet amount
TDS and Other Services Charges Deduction report
System Commission / Payout Control
Auto Generate Direct Sponsor Commission
Generation Gap Commission By Moth End (Predefine Date)
Rank Advancement Commission
Leadership bonus Commission
Repurchase direct and total team sales turnover commission
Total Business Value BV/PV Summary and automation
Buy Product Repurchase BV/PV Details
Buying or Shopping Product receipt and Invoice
Royalty Commission
Award reward Commission
Automation of SMS and Payment Gateway
API For automation of SMS/Email
Payment Option and API
Configurable Rest of API Integrated
Customize Crypto or Other Multi Currency Integration
Generation Growth Analytics Report
Generation working Commission income report
Rank achievement income report
Leadership bonus income report
Direct Sponsor, Spill over, PV BV, Pool Level and custom earning report
Reward Qualified analytics
Daily, Weekly and Monthly Earning Income report
Paid or Pending Income Status Summary Ledger report
Account Total Summary (Credit Amount, Debit Amount)
All Repurchase transaction billing print option
Shopping cart System
Buy Product Through shop cart module and Agency store
Manage shopping product record with BV/PV
Automation of Calculate Bv/Pv and assign to your account
Monthly total Business value or PV for growth level
Repurchase product transaction history summary
All Introducer total Bv/Pv Counting with Details
Vendor Stock Point (Agencies) Management Features
Manage Purchase inward (Epin System)
Manage Sales Outward (Epin System)
Manage E-Pin System
Inventory management of product and E-product code
Set Up Transfer Epin to other Leader and Team People
Repurchase or sell Product Management
Sell Product challan and print Invoice option
Manage Online retail Store System with Business Point
Agencies to agencies to Stock transfer facility
Sales and Purchase Product Report
Sales Commission and total turnover record
total sales by product wise (date pick option)
total sales by Leader wise (date pick option)
Real time Current stock status at store or branch
Product Sales Movement report
Product Inventory/Stock Status Level report
Sales Account Summary Ledger Report
Support and ticket feedback System
Latest News and business operation related message from Company
Super Admin panel features of Re purchase MLM Software
Web Management
Manage Website
Create Product grouping and product
Create/Edit Product with Price, SKU, Image and Details Control
Manage Banner
Upload Latest Events With Image
Upload team leader images and ranking system
Upload Image and news
Customer Care and setting details
Download Option Control (Pdf, PPT and Images)
Leader and Store agencies Testimonial and Other site Control
Define Terms, Privacy Policy and Conditions
User control System
Admin User Control system
Manage Leader Panel System
Manage Vendor Stock point (Agencies/Stores/Retail shop) User
Leader/Distributor/Dealer Management
Manage Registered Distributor or Leader or Direct selling People
Manage KYC Document (Edit and Modify option)
Registered Member Report (Date to Date or Time Period)
Active, Blocked and Reject control of dealer leader
Update and Modify Associate member profile
Manage direct selling people Payment transaction(Bank) Information
Export dealer Details
Search Or Find Member
Pin Management
Generate E-pin and assign other leader
Transfer Pin to franchises stock point
Transfer Pin to sales leader person
Manage Both types of Code (New Registration and Repurchase)
Sell Pin Record History
Used E-Pin Record List
Blocked or Un assign/Distributed Pin Record List
Unused or Not Assign Pin Record List
E-Coupon Stock Details
E-Voucher and Real time product, Kit and Package Stock
E-pin Summary Amount Ledger
Update and Modify Repurchase Voucher
All System Leader Requested pin list
Used Pin with new member all record details
Repurchase Product setting
Product Sell Price and discount control
Manage Online shopping order
Manage All Agencies Repurchase Product Order
Pending, Dispatched and Rejected vendor Order
Repurchase order History report
Product inventory Stock system
View all Store and Agencies Product Stock
Vendor Product movement charts by area, location
Return order module and summary
Order Payment Summary
Repurchase Items record list and Commission Setup
Commission Closing Management
Generate Commission Automation
Auto Date or Month End Closing Generate Commission
Rank Advancement Commission
Leadership bonus Commission
All member Fund and bank transfer request report
Manage Payout Fund Request with bank Details
Advanced instant payout system for banking control
Commission Closing history
Associate Commission summary and Ledger
Franchises Commission summary and Ledger
Store Commission summary and Ledger
Auto Generate All payout Request For advanced Banking
Bank transfer automation
Fund transfer report
Total sales PV/BV Or Point value report
All Pin Transfer History report
Credit/Debit and Fund transfer Note
E-wallet Summary report (Daily, Monthly and Yearly)
User Earning Commission Summary History (Date Picking)
User Bank and Other Confidential Data report
Automatic Weekly/Monthly payout (If Payout cycle weekly)
TDS and Other Services Charges Deduction report
List of Award/Reward qualified achiever list and record
SMS, Email and Payment Integration
SMS Sending System (Auto, Manual)
Email Sending System (Auto, Manual)
Payment Option API (Payu money< Razorpay or Paytm)
Configurable Rest of API Integrated
SMS Notification and Promotion for all user
Commission and Package Setting
Set joining Package Amount
Set Point value or Business Value
Set Direct Referral Commission
Set up rank advancement rank and level
Set Different level PV/BV, Point, stage achievement
Create Joining/Registration package
Create/Modify Latest Announcement, News and Other Information
Set Tax Setting (TDS or Other Charge)
Manage Services Charges as per Transaction
Manage Fund Payout Request Limit
Manage feedback, Customer Support and Other Registration Form
Advantage of Generation and Repurchase Plan
Advantage of Generation and Repurchase Plan
Generate Unlimited Child leg and tree genealogy as per plan
Built your network in any depth position and stage level
Immense Earning Potential through repurchase generation plan
Insane earning at a level generation completed after