Board MLM plan is design for limited members with matrix cycle and revolving matrix. Member of this plan are limited and it is set by operation company number of members are fix in each board. When fixed number of members join the board it will automatic split in 2 sub boards or get another level genealogy. This process continuous till all the stage level positions on the board are filled and after over exceed stage limit , it is spill over next level and cycle level completed. In Network marketing it is also known as revolving matrix cycle plan.

We provide super attractive board plan MLM software in Surat, India to our worldwide clients. You can design customize MLM plan for any size of board as per your business needs and network size. Our skilled software developer can set multiple incomes in Board plan MLM software like Referral income, pair matching bonus income, board completion bonus and more. There are multiple advantages to create Board plan for network marketing one of the main advantage is fastest growth plan with cycle completion of board. Team leader can generate their own group with new board and join their entire network under their associate Id.

Our team is capable to develop any complex mlm plan so send us your requirements or plan our technical team help to create fully featured software for it. We mention some standard features of Board plan mlm software here kindly check and configure your MLM software for your new business. There are so many types of Plans you can choose from these Single board, Multi board, Shuffling board, Auto filling board, Manual filling board, cross matrix board plan, Recycle entry board plan mlm and more. It is all depends on business plan of network marketing. If you are willing to design board plan mlm software just ask our expert of MLM software can provide you better solution for any MLM plan.