Java J2EE Development Java is a highly portable language which can be used on any Hardware/Operating System platform. Java comes into 4 flavors J2SE, J2EE, J2ME and Java Card. These specifications have its own purpose and use. Characteristics by Usage

Java SE: Standard Edition is generally used for desktop and server based applications. Sometimes it is referred as core java or J2SE, it’s a Sun\’s product that includes the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and APIs. It helps to develop cross platform system. There are many implementations of the J2SE platform such as Sun\’s J2SDK, IBM J9, Blackdown, jInitiator and Kaffe.

Java EE: Enterprise Edition includes various additional APIs valuable for n-tier client server enterprise applications. J2EE is answer of SUN for enterprise level solutions. J2EE needs J2SE(java). That provides us with tools to create frameworks and API specifications that are suitable for companies/enterprise. Web, Mail, Messaging, Distributed Architecture, Cross Language Implementation and many more techniques can be implemented with J2EE.

Java ME: Micro Edition specifies several different profiles for devices which are limited in memory and power capacity. J2ME (Micro Edition) application runs on mobile and handheld devices.