The Google Web Toolkit (GWT) is a way for you to write AJAX front-ends using the Java programming language. The GWT basis is compiler that converts Java based code into the java script, this script will embed into the application. Script is most compliant with most of today’s browsers. The GWT compiler also eliminates dead code, removing unused classes, methods, fields, as well as method parameters, which reduces the amount of overhead to provide the smallest script possible for your web application.

Phoenix Binary System Pvt Ltd has hand-on experience in GWT development. We had deployed lots of GWT based application for our clients.

Phoenix Binary System Pvt Ltd has successfully deployed many GWT based applications for our fortunate clients. We have with us a team of developers having experience in GWT development who can help you to optimize your site and benefit you in the following ways :

• Cost reduction
• Increased productivity
• Faster development time