A lucrative career at Phoenix Binary System Pvt. Ltd. awaits all those who want to make it big in the Open Source world, especially JAVA, asp .Net and PHP MYSQL. We are the ‘PHP Company’ focused solely on framework-based PHP coding projects. We are always on the look-out for people who are willing to specialize in one technology and cut out a niche career for themselves.

Phoenix Binary System Pvt. Ltd. has, over the years, produced and trained professionals in framework-based PHP coding as well JAVA and .net coding. These focused professionals have not only seen career growth but also have contributed immensely in the field of Open Source.

Moreover, our philosophy of career involves a growth in one’s profession as well as living one’s personal life to the fullest. Our Team is a bunch of happy professionals who work in order to excel and not just to get results. Our Career gives employees the cutting edge that they need for providing the best of solutions for clients along with finding time for themselves and the family.

Life at Phoenix Binary System Pvt. Ltd. is all about living every moment happily and excels in work. We follow the theory of Karma religiously and make sure that our employees do not have a result-oriented approach but a work-oriented approach while performing. Moreover, we ensure that they are always high on their Happiness Quotient through a unique work methodology called Hi5.

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